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Bơm nhiệt công nghiệp Solahart
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Bơm nhiệt công nghiệp Solahart

Dãy công suất nhiệt đầu ra: Từ 10kW đến 40kW

 Nguồn điện vận hành máy: Điện dân dụng 1 pha/220V-240V/50Hz hoặc 3 pha/380V-410V/50Hz

Sản xuất tại Australia


Long before anyone had heard of global warming and climate change, a pioneering company based in Australia recognised that the sun was the best power source available to heat water in Australian homes.

Now with over 65 years of commitment to sustainability and providing high quality and reliable renewable energy technology, Solahart is a global leader in solar innovation. Unsurprisingly given its direction and drive, the evolution of the Solahart product range now includes both residential and commercial hot water heat pumps.

The Solahart Story
Solahart commenced manufacturing solar hot water systems in 1953. In the 1980s, we developed and introduced the revolutionary closed-circuit water heater into our range. This indirect form of water heating prevents pipes from freezing in very cold conditions, and in poor water quality areas keeps the collectors free from scaling, which prolongs the performance over the life of the system. This technology made solar water heating a real option for a much wider variety of residential and commercial applications across the world.

In 2011, we launched a new range of collectors, making Solahart systems even more durable, reliable, and easier to install. From the beginning to today, with well over 1 million Solahart hot water systems installed around the world, we’ve had a global focus and a reputation as a world-leader in solar innovation and technology with significant ongoing investment in Research and Development, and Manufacturing.

Over the years, our renewable products have continued to develop, and we are at the forefront of solar and heat pump technology for use in commercial applications. Our technical support teams work closely with architects and consultants throughout the specification process to custom design heating systems for a wide range of commercial applications. Our water heaters are reducing power consumption and infrastructure costs for large-scale businesses across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

As the renewables arm of Rheem Australia and being part of a global organisation, Solahart has the resources to provide innovative and sustainable hot water solutions around the world.

There are many critically important reasons as to why you should choose Solahart to assist you with your water heating needs.
An unrivalled commitment to quality

Since 1953 we have been setting the standard for solar in Australia. Our systems are designed for some of the harshest conditions found in Australia and the world. Quality is ingrained in everything we do, and we are passionate renewable energy advocates.

Rigorous testing
Replacing conventional gas or electric water heating with Solahart Heat Pump systems could substantially reduce your hot water energy use.

Greater performance for greater savings
Replacing conventional gas or electric water heating with Solahart Heat Pump systems could substantially reduce your hot water energy use.

Renewable energy experts
Solahart systems are only available through Authorised Solahart Distribution and Dealership channels around the world, all trained and qualified to ensure you get the best solution to suit your project and budget. Our team will come to your home/office or project site to discuss and understand your needs, assess the site conditions and energy requirements, and will provide you with the best solar solution.

Future-proof your investment
Adding renewable energy solutions helps future-proof your business by reducing the dependence on grid-energy supply, protects you from rising energy costs, and adds to your environmental credentials. Sustainability has now taken centre stage and consumers are looking for companies that are committed to sustainable energy practices. Installing solar will ensure your green footprint is noticed, which in turn, may generate a positive response from customers.

Reduce your carbon footprint
By switching to an energy source that’s clean and green, like solar and heat pumps, you’ll reduce your carbon emissions and create a more sustainable future. Many government’s world-wide provide generous incentives to promote renewable energy and your Solahart Dealer will work with you to evaluate if any rebates are applicable.